A HOUSE provides protection from the elements, thumb
a place to organize personal property. A HOME us a sanctuary, generic
a place of hope and solitude where one convenes with friends and family
If we were turtles, ed
it would be our shell, Rabbits, it would be our Burrow, Moth, our Cocoon
A house is an inanimate object- no emotional or spiritual value. A home transcends a house though a house is part of having home. Home has a spirit because it is embodied by family, people, and friends. There are lot of people that have houses that are not homes.
We lose track of what the purpose and meaning of having a home is and get caught up in ego and emotions. We emotionally start making decisions and choices because of the fear of embarrassment o failure.
You ask yourself- “Will I ever be able to do this again. Will I ever be able to buy another house?”

During Difficult times we have to reconnect with what is most important about your “Home”. Having a home is like being in a relationship, you get in a relationship to be happy but you fight to stay in a relationship often times for the wrong reasons. –You don’t want to start over, you made an investment of time and energy, because you don’t think you will meet anyone better. Once you determine a your HOME is more important than your HOUSE, you can tackle the financial challenges that a lot of us face (Foreclose, bankruptcy)
And what is Credit really? There could be a counter impact to preserving credit.
Don’t Aggravate your issues by making poor decisions- We can help.
This means we have to make decisions and be represented in such a way that leads you to what’s most important for you and your family.
Longer you delay to Stop the bleeding-
Have started process of healing
Makes it more difficult
Its okay to make mistakes, You can make small mistakes all day- avoid big mistakes.
There is a direct correlations between economic downturn and the rise of divorce.

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